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MSG1 - Hear God's Voice with Text book, Workbook & Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire-Basic Training

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Class Overview Welcome to MSG1! Hear God's Voice. This class will empower, challenge, stretch, and encourage you in your walk with the Lord, your service in the Body of Christ, and your community. This 12-hour training has been revised to include a text book written by Bishop Bill Hamon; and is designed to lead you into  a deeper walk in spiritual things of the Kingdom of God as you LEARN.   Learning to hear God's voice and responding properly will help you to accomplish your assignments in the Kingdom and be successful in life.

This course will require your focus and participation to complete your classwork and the activation exercises in the time allotted. 

This course will help to establish you in present truth concerning Spiritual Gifts for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in the 21st Century.

It includes a Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire to assist you in discovering your dominate and subordinate spiritual gifts. Completing the Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire along with completing and studying the MSG workbook will aid you in the activation exercises through out the class.